VA Claims Information


If you are now sitting down getting ready to actually begin the online process, here are a few suggestions before you begin.

  • Be organized

    • Place your Computer and Help information from the VONAPP site easy to hand for instant reference. This includes the phone number and email address.

      (COMMENT: When I called the phone number, I never did find a site for VONAPP. After trying a number of press-this-number, etc., I ended up in Compensation. They did not really know the VONAPP site but could answer Compensation questions. I don't know if there is anyone available who can instantly answer a question about VONAPP if it involves the site detail itself.)
  • Documentation

    • Scan any documentation in advance that you intend to use with your application so it is on your computer.

      A member of a website suggested possibly shrinking the size via a picture program if your scanner doesn't have a sizing feature. He also mentions that you need to save under the WORD 1997-2003 .doc program if using Windows Office 2007's WORD because VONAPP will not accept .docx.

    • Place your organized documentation close to where you will be working. You might want or need to use them for referral.

  • Printed form(s)

    • Place your printed form of the application(s) beside you for easy reference. This is going to be your map as you begin your quest, journeying through the application(s).