VA Claims Information


    Just some brief final suggestions

  • C-File:
  • This is the file that is created to hold your claim. In it will go all information gathered by the VA including C&P exams, doctor records, military documents, and other information as needed.

  • Freedom of Information Act:
  • Under the FOIA you are entitled to receive a copy of your C-File or parts thereof.

    If you wish to have a copy of these records, you have two options.

    • You can make an appointment to go in person to view your file at the Regional Office and get copies at that time.

    • Send a letter to your VA Regional Office requesting copies of your C-File.

    Be sure to mention the Freedom of Information Act in the letter itself. The letter has to come from the veteran or his appointed person.

    On the outside of the envelope in the lower left-hand corner, write FOIA so it is directed to the correct section.

  • Obtain copies of Evaluation Exams
  • You will eventually have appointments with doctors who evaluate your condition(s). These doctors will write up their findings and submit them to the adjudicator.

    After a couple of months have passed since the exams, you can request a copy of these evaluations (See Freedom of Information Act above). It probably takes about that long for the information to end up in your file. Getting a copy of these evaluations will allow you to see what the doctor(s) findings were.

    • If you have a representative handling your claim(s),

      • You can still request these copies from the VA. Once you receive them, study their contents to see if there are any discrepancies. If you find some, write a letter pointing out these discrepancies. Provide any documentation that you have that supports your findings. Then submit a COPY of the C&P Report(s) and your letter to your representative.

    • If you are handling your claim direct, make a note of your findings.

      • If you end up filing a Notice of Disagreement (NOD), this information could then come in handy for disputing decisions made by the VA. You can then include them in your report that refutes the decisions (SEE STEP 8).

  • Getting Help from your Senator or Representative
  • If after a lot of time has passed (the VA or rep can give you a ballpark idea as to what constitutes a lot of time) and you have heard nothing from anyone, you can contact your Congressman or Congresswoman asking for assistance. They have people who can help you find out the status of your claim.

    WARNING: Every time you ask for this kind of help, the file will get pulled to see what is happening. It could delay the findings because the claim is not being worked when a rep is investigating it.

  • To contact your Senator, go to:
    • and click on senators.
    • Choose your state and it will tell you who and how to get in touch.

  • To contact your Representative, go to:
    • and in the top left type your zip code.
    • This will bring up your representative(s).
    • Click on the name and you will find how to get in touch.

  • Submitting Additional Information
  • Another note concerning submitting information after you have submitted your claim and medical records:

    Do not send duplicates of the records already submitted unless you know FOR A FACT that these records were not received.

    Every time duplicate records are submitted, the adjudicator must sort through the duplicates and compare with what is already submitted. These duplicates are not discarded. Instead they are mailed back to you. The more time spent in sorting and comparing, the less time spent on research. The bigger the file of papers, the more to sort and again less time spent on research.


You, the "traveller," must decide your path. Like every quest, the road is not easy with a lot of obstacles in your way. The "undiscover'd country" is a difficult land to traverse. If you use these Steps as your guide map, your way will hopefully be less hazardous. As everyone knows, without a map, the "traveller" can be lost, sometimes forever.

Good Journey and God Bless
The "Traveller" and his Wife