VA Claims Information


(Veterans Online Application)

Since my husband's claim was finalized, the VA has provided a new option. It is applying for benefits online or VONAPP.

This tool, like any tool, has positive and negative aspects.

The POSITIVE side to this option:

  • The application goes directly to the appropriate VA office with jurisdiction.

  • The process begins and you will receive acknowledgement of receipt via e-mail.

    • Time and date, (EST) Pennsylvania time, is stamped on the application.

    • You will be given a unique confirmation number to show receipt.

    • The address of the Regional Office receiving/working your application will be noted.

  • You do not have to fill out a paper application for the same claim.

  • You can submit up to 5 files of 1 megabyte or less.

  • The VONAPP program itself

    • Offers Help Topics as you access each window of the application.

    • Checks some information, warning when something might need to be corrected.

    • Allows you up to 30 days to complete the form before submission.

  • If the end of the month is approaching and you want to be eligible for the first of the month deadline, you can file online rather than hoping the mail or your VSO's submission of application is processed in time.
  • You also have the ability to apply for more than just compensation benefits. Some of them are:
    • Pension benefits
    • Vocational rehabilitation benefits
    • Education benefits
    • Status of dependents
    • Burial Benefits

The NEGATIVE side to this option is:

  • You need to be somewhat computer literate.

  • It takes a LOT of time to fill out the application.

  • It will time out in 15 minutes if you do not input in that time.

  • You can only submit 5 files of 1 megabyte at the time of submission.

  • A scanner is required for inputting documentation.

  • You will still need to submit various documents in addition to the application. This will be done either direct through the mail or using a VSO.

  • Some areas worldwide are unable to utilize VONAPP because of security concerns.