VA Claims Information


If you have decided VONAPP is the way to go, here are a few suggestions before starting the application itself.

  • VONAPP website
    PRINT out ALL information on using the system. This includes:

  • VA Forms site

  • PRINT out all forms and their instructions that you will be accessing via VONAPP. (Remember, these are the printed versions so the setup will be a little different, but the contents are the same.)

  • By having the printed forms to study, you can get familiar with what will be asked as well as what documentation you will have to be submitting. You can note the areas you have to fill in as well as the areas you can skip, marking up the printed form as you go; thus when the VONAPP section appears you already know what you will be doing.

  • Gather your Information
  • I am going to address the rest of this to filing for a Compensation Claim since it is the most complex. What I mention for "how to" is, however, compatible with organizing for whatever form you are studying.

    • Evidence

      Use the following as reference guides for the information you need to gather:

      • VONAPP Instructions for Filling out Applications

      • General Instructions, designated form

    • Note all documentation required.

    • Assemble documents already acquired (See STEP 4: ORGANIZING YOUR RECORDS)

    • List all documents you still need to collect. (Remember, the VA might gather some documentation easier. You might prefer to request a copy from your C-File after they have acquired it.)

    • Request pertinent data from their sources (See STEP 2: GATHER RECORDS)

    Once you have started the ball rolling for acquiring the necessary evidence, you can get on with doing other research.

  • The Printed Application Form(s)

    This form is where you can save yourself a lot of hassle when you go to use the online application.

    • Fill in all pertinent boxes on the printed form.

      This serves two purposes--filling it in on paper provides the answer you can then transfer to the online application or if after evaluation, a paper form of application becomes necessary, the form has been filled ready for filing.

      Choosing to fill in this form in advance also allows you to thoughtfully answer with no stress of rushing.

      By preparing in advance, you can turn the application into a fill-in-the-blanks adventure rather than a tear-your-hair-out (if you have hair lol) ordeal.


    Before beginning to fill in, refer back to OPTION 3, STEPS 3, 4, 5 and 7. By utilizing these steps you can assemble your documentation into an orderly narration that should make it easier when you address this portion of the application.

    • Note the information for each disability.

    • Note nexus and buddy letters for each disability. When you submit your printed documentation, these two types can be excellent supporting additions to your claim. (See OPTION 3, STEP 2)

Direct Deposit of Disability Checks

If you choose to have Direct Deposit of your disability checks, be sure to have available your routing number and account number since you will be asked for them on the form.