VA Claims Information


  • Contact a veterans organization or state agency (if your state has a veterans agency).
  • Let them represent you while filing a claim.

The POSITIVE side is:

  • A veterans organization is working for you as your representative.
  • Your rep converses with the VA for you.
  • Your rep can request medical forms and research and prepare the necessary documents for submission.
  • The rep will follow through for you.
  • The rep can also file appeals and resubmit when necessary.

The NEGATIVE side is:

  • These organizations are helping a lot of other vets at the same time. Time is at a premium.
  • The rep also has to request forms and records from your medical organizations.
  • The rep has to wait for these to be mailed to him.
  • Time is again used to file into a folder and then find time to work the folder. Research into each medical disability takes time.
  • Finding all the proofs and noting them can take great blocks of time that the rep has to spread amongst many vet claims.
  • Something could be missed just because the rep does not know all your medical disabilities because you forgot to mention something. Extra appointments between you and your rep might be necessary to confirm everything is being claimed.