VA Claims Information


Before you begin your application(s) online, you might take some time to explore, asking yourself...

"Is this the best route for me?"

A couple of areas that might help you decide...

  • VONAPP Site


    • Decide if your computer is compatible to the requirements necessary for using VONAPP.

    • Confirm you are eligible to file via this route.

  • VA Forms Site

    (The VONAPP application online forms are not necessarily the same as the printed form in their formats...but the information is the same.)

    • Choose the Form(s) you plan to file.

    • Study what information the form requires.

    • Evaluate how much is involved to provide answers.

    • How much documentation will you have to provide. (If you have way more files than can be submitted via the VONAPP site, it might be easier to do it all via the paper route.)

By taking a few moments here you can save yourself some frustration later. You can decide if VONAPP is for you or if one of the other avenues is better suited to your needs.